Tuesday, July 13, 2010

John Adams “Atlanta’s most trusted voice in Real Estate’’ shares his insight.

I drove up to Norcross this week for the monthly GA REIA meeting attended by several hundred members and guests. The entry fee was $25 just to listen. I was able and privileged to spend some time with John Adams (well known Real Estate Guru all over the US, Trainer, Radio Show Host, Atlanta Journal Columnist, TV personality, Landlord, and Investor) listening to his views and where he thinks the market is going.

John has a wealth of knowledge and real life experiences building wealth through real estate investing. He has more experience actually doing and running a successful Real Estate business than almost anyone alive today. He and his wife Marjorie, work side by side. She is one smart lady and a CPA. When John speaks on the radio, newspaper, TV, or to a class, people listen. His insight into the market has proven to be correct more times than not.

Here is what I took from his insight. The current economy will not last as change and cycles are inevitable. John has been through four recessions or corrections. John said today is a great time to buy and hold property if you know how. There are many great deals out there right now. John believes in helping people. He also believes everyone needs a written plan for their business. This is something we teach at A O Home Solutions in our training program. People need to take action and not just talk about it if they intend to be investors. Buying homes at the right price is a step in the right direction but only one part of this business. Education and understanding the market cycles is important for success. If you want to be involved now is a great time to get started.

Building your inventory with good deals is a strategy that John not only believes in but, the one he has used for decades. John is a lifelong learner and has had some great trainers. He believes in education and he gives away much of it in his weekly radio show aired from 12 to 2 pm every Saturday on Radio station 920 am. John Adams is said to be “Atlanta’s most trusted voice in Real Estate”

Mark Neighbor Real Estate Problem Solver, Investor, Trainer

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