Thursday, August 19, 2010

Inner Circle of Investors Disect the Investing Business Model

Recently had the privilege of sitting down with some of the "brightest minds" in the area who actually own and operate Real Estate Investing businesses today.  Over a two day intense invitation only meeting, we reviewed everyones business model and picked it apart and put it back together with improvements to move forward and help more people in this restrictive economy. 
We looked at and disected the various facets of our individual and team businesses. We discussed marketing, profitability, accounting, cashlow, manpower planning, timing and  many important business operational details. It was a very good meeting and I am not much for meetings.
Kris Kirschner team leader and multi-millionaire Investor invited the teams to help improve our businesses and thus we can help more people right now.
We worked very hard and everyone left with better insite and a plan to improve and help more people right now....
Boat loads of FoodTeam of Business Owners

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