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Jonesboro Georgia Homes for Less

Mark | A O H S | (770) 480-0209
7731 Chase Woods Dr, Jonesboro, GA
Own for Less than Rent
3BR/2BA Single Family House
offered at $63,447
Year Built 1986
Sq Footage 1,065
Bedrooms 3
Bathrooms 2 full, 0 partial
Floors Unspecified
Parking 1 Car garage
Lot Size Unspecified
HOA/Maint $0 per month


Nice 3 bed 2 bath ranch in quiet stable neighborhood. This home has lots to offer besides its good looks from outside. See the pictures. Nice kitchen, big deck overlooking a big secluded backyard, garage, etc. The nearest schools are Swint Elementary School, Kendrick Middle School and Riverdale High School. Close to Shopping the Mall, Doctors, many restaurants , Hospital, several major highways including >138, Tara Blvd, I-75, and Hwy 85 just to name a few.

***Owner wants to sell this home now in great shape and will give it away by letting it go at the pre 1991 prices and even finance it for a while.***

***Great deal >>>>Lease Purchase for only $850 a month with a few thousand up front. (includes taxes and insurance)***

Owner Finance for just $6,000 up front and just $850 a month for two years.

Buy with new loan or cash price $63,477

Call Mark to view

This deal will not last in this area.!!!!!! Call me We do not want it to sit....Make me an offer.


see additional photos below

- Attic - Dining room - Family room
- Laundry room - Master bath - Storage space
- Dishwasher - Refrigerator - Balcony, Deck, or Patio
- Garden - Lawn - Yard
- Central A/C - Central heat - Cable-ready
- Garage - Attached


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Contact info:
(770) 480-0209
For sale by individual owner

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Rent to Own Jonesboro, Lease Purchase, Owner Finance Now

Mark | A O H S | (770) 480-0209
1585 Plover Rd, Jonesboro, GA
Owner Finance only $850
3BR/1+1BA Single Family House
offered at $66,500
Year Built 1968
Sq Footage 1,642
Bedrooms 3
Bathrooms 1 full, 1 partial
Floors 2
Parking 1 Car garage
Lot Size Unspecified
HOA/Maint $0 per month


Remodeled with new carpet, new kitchen, new cabinets, and all new matching appliances. 3 Bed 2 bath home in Clayton County.
Nice house, nice yard, with cute storage building on the big wooed lot. Take a look at the pictures. House has lots of room for a growing family.
Top notch new kitchen with all new matching appliances.
Super deal Own this one Today!!
***Lease Purchase with No Bank Needed for Just $6000 up front and only $850 a month includes taxes and insurance*****
Owner financing available....

Call today to View Mark 770-480-0209
see additional photos below

- Attic - Dining room - Family room
- Living room - Master bath - Storage space
- Dishwasher - Dryer - Refrigerator
- Stove/Oven - Lawn - Porch
- Yard - Central A/C - Central heat
- Garage - Attached - Fireplace


Photo 1

Photo 2

Photo 3

Photo 4

Photo 5

Photo 6

Photo 7

Photo 8
Contact info:
(770) 480-0209
For sale by individual owner

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Thursday, January 3, 2013

How much House is Enough?

How much house is enough?
With all the problems in the local economy today how much house is enough? Do you need a three, four, or five bedroom home. Do you really need to go through the bank and fight with the loan people or mortgage officer to prove you can afford the house? Do you need all the stress and anxiety and tension caused by such a big purchase? No is the answer to all the above questions on buying or renting to own a home today.
The picture above shows a bountiful table of healthy food.  All this food can be purchased without going to the grocery store. All of this food can be purchased for less than you can get it at the grocery store. All of this food is fresher and comes from local growers in Georgia.  Would it be nice if there was or is a way to locate and buy your next house with the same principals?
How would you like it if you could get a house for less without going to the bank or mortgage company?  I am going to show you how to buy or Rent to own a Home for less than rent and have it this week. Bold claim you might think, but we are helping people and families buy, lease purchase, owner finance, and rent to own homes all the time with NO BANK FINANCING needed.  You can buy a home or rent to own a home from individuals or investors just like the ones who have a stand at the local market and the houses are just as good. The deals are better and the financing is local. The time it takes to move into a new home goes from month to days with local house sellers. The paperwork is less but just as concrete and legal.
We have several homes and houses and quads available right now starting at just $550 a month. We have houses from $10,000 to $510,000. We have a home for almost anyone who wants or needs a house. The local company, A O Home Solutions LLc picks up new houses for sale and lease purchase, and rent to own weekly. Go to for a view of the many new homes this week.  Do you want a home for less than rent?  Do you want one payment that includes everything like taxes, insurance, and HOA fees?
How much house is enough? That question can only be answered by you, but whatever you buy or Lease Purchase we have a deal for you. If you can afford rent and can make a small upfront or down payment you can own a home today.  We have houses priced below market rent and below appraisal.  We have “handyman specials” and ready to move in executive homes.  Whatever your needs, we either have it or we can get it.
The abundant farmers’ market food pictured above is fresher, easier to get, without all the store hassles, usually bigger fruit and vegtables, and far less expensive.  The houses we can show you come with similar advantages.  Sometimes the houses even come with a whole house warranty.  Better product and better methods to obtain your dream house or next house are available now and abundant.
If you are open to receiving the very best deal on a home today, call a full time home buyer or investor and see the difference in price, in easy of purchase or rent, and in attitude of those caring for you. Homes are now affordable. Home interest rates are the best rates have been in over 10 years.  Discount houses are everywhere in our market, if you know where to look. You do not need a bank loan to buy or lease purchase a house today. Knowledge is your ticket to a better deal with less stress and a new house.

Mark N
A O Home Solutions LLC

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

How does a Lease Purchase Work ?

How does a Lease Purchase Work?
Lease Purchase or Lease Option works the same for us.
There are many positives to doing a Lease Purchase or Lease Option.
If you are not able to qualify today to purchase a home at a bank or mortgage company, but want a house, this is s a great way to get into that home quickly and hassle free.  
We can have you in a home in a week.The process, the paperwork, and the time it takes to do a Lease Purchase are all easier with our documented Lease Purchase Process.
This is the easiest purchase you will make.
The Lease Purchase the Process

You start by selecting your next home on our website from dozens of nice homes.
Next you fill out the free application on the website and email it back to us.
Follow that up by filling out the free credit report on our website and email us a copy.
We review the application, the credit check, and any special circumstances you have. 
If everything looks good we sit down and go over the paperwork with you and have you sign up for your new home.
We have helped people buy homes this way for a decade and you save about a thousand dollars in fees because we can do the paperwork in our office or at the house. No Realtor Commissions, no banks, no attorneys, no mortgage companies, and no waiting for months to qualify.
You will get some paperwork 1. a lease for one or more years ( 2 years is standard) and 2. an option to buy property.
Simple and complete this is the process to buy a home with us.

Lease Purchase Benefits

First you can have your new home in as little as a three days.
Second the price you are paying for the home is fixed and will not go up over the term of the agreements. Even if the appraisal of the house goes up $10,000 or $100,000 the price you agree to with us is the price you pay when you refinance later.
This system gives you a house without the bank.
You are not renting you are purchasing a home. Follow the contract and the home is yours.
You usually have two or more years to refinance.

More Benefits of The Lease Purchase Option 

If after the contract is fulfilled you want to leave, you can there is no foreclosure or hit on your credit.
If you need a little more time to qualify most owners are very accommodating because you are a Buyer not a renter.
Some sellers will allow the buyers to do a lease purchase for many years.
Many times you get the house at a reduced rate both in total price and monthly payments. ( Often Cheaper than Rent)

More Benefits of this Lease Purchase System

Sellers often want to move fast and will take less for their homes knowing you are a buyer going to move in fast.
Lease Purchase Buyers are viewed as buyers and not as tenants, thus the monthly payment often just covers the mortgage and the seller will allow a buyer to move in at a reduced rate.
If you find financing quickly, everyone is happy and there is no prepayment penalty.
Lease Purchase Questions & Answers
Question 1. >>Can the house be foreclosed while I am paying my part?

Answer >>We believe everyone must do their part. You pay a monthly fee to the owner of record. The owner may or may not have a mortgage. If the owner has no mortgage the answer is obviously no.  If the owner has a mortgage, by law the owner must pay the mortgage company when you pay your lease agreement.  In our contracts if the owner misses just one payment you can pay the bank or lending institution directly so no payments are missed. What lender wants to or will foreclose on a house where they are being paid every month on time? (none) 
Question 2. >> If the price of the house goes down over the term of the lease do I have to buy it?
Answer >> No, you can walk away at the end of the fulfilled lease with no foreclosure or credit reduction.
Question 3. >> Can I buy a house this way if I have had a bankruptcy or foreclosure?
Answer >> This is about the only way I can think of unless you have all cash to buy a home.  If you have or have had credit issues most will not qualify at the bank. 
Question 4. >> Why isn’t everyone buying a house this way if it is so easy?
Answer >> Everyone has different circumstances. If you have cash buy with cash. If you have a VA loan buy with a VA loan. If you can obtain a Mortgage go get one. If you can not do the above then this is a great way to buy a house and thousands buy a home every year on a Lease Purchase or Lease Option  just like this, simple, safe, and quick.
Question 5. >> Do I have to fix stuff if it breaks?
Answer >> Yes you are buying the house. Do you call the bank when the light bulb needs changed or a window get broken? No
You are a Buyer not a Renter.
Question 6. >> How long does the entire process take?
Answer >> You can decide but normally we can have you in a home in less than a week.

This is a safe, quick, and low cost way to buy a home today!

Hope this helps


First posted on >>>>

Rent for Less $650

Listing Type:For Rent
Address 1:125 Appleton Blvd
Address 2:
Zip/Postal Code:30281
Living Square Ft:900
Year Built:

Detailed Description:
FOR RENT--This is a very large but quiet Two bed one bath apartment. It is located on the bottom floor of a brick quad or townhome. There is a nice open living room and dining area as well as a large kitchen. The apartment comes with an outdoor Deck  area as well as rear entrance. There are also new sidewalks all along the neighborhood.  This apartment rents for only $650 a month. Close to everything. Big Clean Quiet Safe.Come live here forever or while we find you a home or build your credit and let us help you get to a rent to own situation in one of our large homes. Can't Beat the price at only $650 a month.  We have tenants that have been here 16 years. This is home!

Call Mark today 770-480-0209

Lease Purchase - Rent to Own for Less - Buy Lithonia Georgia

Listing Type:Lease Option
Price:Only $1,000.00 a month
Address 1:3808 Eagle Woods Circle

Zip/Postal Code:30038
Living Square Ft:2500
Year Built:1972

Detailed Description:
Super deal on this big  4 bedroom  / 2.5 bedroom big split level in Lithonia, Ga. Nice half acre lot covered with trees. We are completely renovating the house now. Home includes formal living room, formal dining room, family room and a bonus room. Nice privacy fenced back yard.  Lock in this price while it is still low enough to own.  This home has over 2500 square feet after additions. More pictures to come.  Totally remodeled with new tile and new flooring. New paint, new new new.......

$117,500 cash or new loan  or  Lease Purchase only Eagle Woods Circle in Lithonia, GA$6000 up front and only $1000 including taxes and insurance

We may owner finance to the right person.

Call Mark  770-480-0209
This will not last. Price has been reduced.

Great Deal on a Home in College Park - Owner Finance

Listing Type:Lease Option
Price:Only $800.00 month
Address 1:5555 Longmeadow Lane
Address 2:
City:College Park
Zip/Postal Code:
Living Square Ft:1201
Year Built:

Detailed Description:
Just received  More pictures to follow.

Nice 3 bed 2 bath with garage, unfinished basement, huge new workshop, and fenced back yard.
Lots of upgrades and house is in great shape.  Burglar Alarm on, no maintenance Gutters, your own bridge over the creek in the back yard, special plants everywhere, arbor in the front, House set to run on a generation block system if power goes out, Workshop has 115, 220 and air, fenced back yard, huge trees, etc.

We just got this today.

Only one owner ever lived here.

Lots of options to purchase while prices are at the bottom.

Buy for just $51,000 cash or new loan.
Just $800 a month and a few thousand up front and this can be yours with an Owner finance or Lease Purchase deal.
We can also do a Rent to Own on this home for $850 a month.
If you have an options bring me an offer?
This will not last.

Mark at